Wootten & Stevens, pt. 3.

In 1977, the late Hugh B. Johnston abstracted a newly discovered volume of the records of Wootten and Stevens, the earliest undertaking firm in Wilson County. The result, Funeral Register of Wootten and Stevens, Undertakers of Wilson, North Carolina, November 18, 1896-June 27, 1899 is an unpublished manuscript held at Wilson County Public Library. This post is the third in a series abstracting the abstract for entries naming African-Americans.

  • Bennett, Jesse James. Wilson. Colored. Died 30 August 1898, aged 3 months. Length 2’4″. Cost $2.50. Billed to Mary Bennett. (Page 315)
  • Bennett, Sylvia. Wilson. Colored. Died 27 January 1899 of dropsy. Length 6″. Wife of Smith Bennett. Cost $21.35. “Was a good colored woman.” (Page 412)
  • Best, [no first name]. Wilson. Colored. Died 26 May 1898. Cost $8.50. Billed to Oscar Best. (Page 259)
  • Best, Edward. Wilson. Colored. Died 29 May 1898. Cost $6.50. Billed to Jos. S. Jackson. F.M. Davis paid $9. Funeral at Church. Burial in Oak Dale cemetery. (Page 477)
  • Best, Sylvia. Wilson. Colored. Died 17 May 1897, aged 65 years, of consumption. Mother of Ben Best. Attended by Dr. T.B. Person. Funeral at home. Burial in Oak Dale cemetery.  Cost $10. (Page 74)
  • Boykin, [no first name]. Wilson County. Died 18 November 1896, aged 8 months. Child of John Boykin. Length 2’9″. Attended by Dr. A. Anderson. Burial in Oak Dale cemetery. Cost $5.50. (Page 1)
  • Brownley, Lew. Cross Roads township. Colored. Died 24 March 1899, of consumption. Attended by Dr. W.D. Crocker. Length 5’9″. Cost $2. Billed to Wilson County by order of G.D. Green. Burial in Ed Williamson cemetery. (Page 441)
  • Bullock, Gladiss. Wilson. Colored. Died 10 October 1897, of brain fever. Attended by Dr. T.B. Person. Length 2’11”. Cost $12.50. Funeral at home. Burial at Oak Dale cemetery. (Page 247)
  • Bullock, Rose. Poor House. Colored. Died 1 July 1897, aged 41 years, of cancer. Attended  by Dr. T.B. Person. Length 5’6″. Cost $2. Burial in Poor House cemetery. (Page 91)
  • Bynum, Kinnard. Poor House. Colored. Died 21 May 1897, aged 23, or dropsy. Attended by Dr. N. Anderson. Length 6’3″. Cost $2. Burial in Poor House cemetery. (Page 77)
  • Bynum, Lucy. Wilson. Colored. Died 12 November 1898, aged 75 years, of old age. Attended by Dr. W.P. Mercer. Mother of Wright George Cooper and Amos Bynum. Length 5’7″. Cost $10. Burial in Oakdale cemetery. (Page 374)
  • Bynum, Willie. Wilson township. Colored. Died 28 January 1897, aged 3 months, of cold and cough. Cost $7.50. Bill to George Bynum. Buried at C.A. Young cemetery. (Page 26)
  • Campbell, Fanny. Near Wilson. Colored. Died 25 August 1897, of worms, aged 4 years, 8 months. Length 3’6″. Cost $3. Buried in Oak Wood cemetery. (Page 122)
  • Cherry, Flora. Colored. Died 11 September 1898. Length 5’6″. Cost $20. Billed to Easter Cherry. Funeral at church. Burial in Oakdale cemetery. “Flora Cherry was a member of the Burial Association and [was] buried by said Association.”
  • Clayton, Lucy. Colored. Died 23 September 1897, aged 1 month, 14 days. Length 2′. Cost $4. Burial in Oakdale cemetery. Billed to Richmond Maury & Co. (Page 140)

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