Wootten & Stevens, pt. 2.

Funeral Register of Wootten and Stevens, Undertakers of Wilson, North Carolina, November 18, 1896-June 27, 1899 is an unpublished manuscript held at Wilson County Public Library. In 1977, the late Hugh B. Johnston abstracted a newly discovered volume of the records of Wootten and Stevens, the earliest undertaking firm in Wilson County. This post is the second in a series abstracting the abstract for entries naming African-Americans.

  • Barnes, Freddie. Wilson township. Colored. Died 7 June 1897, aged 1 year, of “Bowell Trouble.” Length 2’9″. Son of Alford Battle Barnes. Burial in Jason Barnes cemetery. Cost $4.50. Billed to Jason Barnes by “order of S.C. Wells.” (Page 81)
  • Barnes, Lillie. Near Wilson. Colored. Died 22 December 1897, aged 28 years. Dr. Albert Anderson. Cost $10. Billed to Spencer Daniel. Burial in Mrs. Forbes’ cemetery. (Page 191)
  • Barnes, Short. Taylor’s township. Colored. Died 11 October 1897, aged 68 years, of “gravel.” Length 6 feet. Attended by Dr. N.B. Herring. Cost $10. Burial in Squire Coleman‘s cemetery. (Page 149)
  • Barnes, Susie. Near Wilson. Colored. Died 31 May 1898, aged 24 or 25 years. Length 6 feet. Cost $2.50. Dr. T.B. Person. Billed to A.P. Branch. Burial in General [Joshua] Barnes‘ cemetery.
  • Barron, Alex. Wilson. Colored. Died 22 March 1899, aged 30 years, of consumption. Length 5’9″. Attended by Dr. C.E. Moore. Cost $8. Funeral at house. Burial in Oak Dale cemetery. Billed to Grant Foster. (Page 440)
  • Baskerville, Julia. Wilson. Colored. Died 6 June 1899. Length 5’9″. Cook of Mrs. Mittie Wells. Cost $10. Billed to Mrs. John D. Wells. Burial at Littleton, N.C. (Page 480)
  • Battle, Lougenia. Near town. Colored. Died 19 December 1897, aged 4 years, of mumps. Length 3’3″. Certified by Dr. Williams (colored.) Cost $4. (Page 187)
  • Battle, Turner. Wilson. Colored. Died 16 January 1899, aged 46, shot to death. Drs. Moore and Anderson. Cost $10. Billed to Isham Perry. Burial in Oakdale cemetery. (Page 409)
  • Batts, _____. Gardner’s township. Colored. Died 13 September 1897, of burns, aged 4 years. Length 3’4″. Child of Jos. Batts. Buried in Captain Hines cemetery. Cost $5. Bill rendered through D.R. Petway. (Page 136)
  • Batts, Joshua. Gardner’s township. Colored. Died 14 September 1897, of burns, aged 9 years. Son of Jos. Batts.  Cost $6. Billed through D.R. Petteway. Buried in Capt. Hines cemetery. (Page 137)
  • Batts, Malvina. Near Wilson. Colored. Died 29 September 1897, aged 40, of dropsy. Length 5’9″. Burial in Bat Thompson cemetery. Attended by Dr. Albert Anderson. Cost $5. (Page 142)
  • Beckham, Junius. Wilson. Colored. Died 24 September 1898, aged 9 months, of pneumonia. Length 2’9″. Cost $5. Billed to Henry Beckham. Burial in Colored Cemetery. Attended by Dr. Albert Anderson. (Page 341)
  • Bell, Will. Wilson. Colored. Died 13 May 1899, aged 28 years, suddenly. Cost $12.50. Billed to Colored Odd Fellows. “Will Bell died very sudden on the street; cause supposed to be heart failure.” (Page 463)

[The colored doctor was George W. Williams.]

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