The last will and testament of Dollison Powell. (Plus pre-nup.)

North Carolina, Wilson County.

I, DOLLISON POWELL, desiring to make disposition of my property in the event of my death, do make, declare and publish this last will and testament:

ITEM I. After my death, my children and my wife, if I have one living then, shall see to it that I am decently buried and see to it that all debts that I owe, including burial expenses are paid.

ITEM II. Whereas, there is a marriage contemplated to take place between me and one Julia Taylor, and desiring to make provision for her in the event said marriage takes place, and int he event she lives longer than I, I give unto the said Julia Taylor for her life,the lands which I now own, being about two and one-quarter (2 1/4) acres, which were sold unto me by S.H. Vick by deed dated November 19, 1908, which deed is recorded in Book 81, at page 406 Wilson County Registry. At her death, I give the said lands unto my son, Howard Powell. I give unto the said Julia Taylor, all the personal property which I may own at my death, to be by her used as long as she lives, and if, at her death there is any left, I give the same to my son, Howard. The provisions which I have herein made for Julia Taylor are not to take effect unless I shall marry her, and she shall be living at my death. The said provisions are made for her with the distinct understanding, as shown by her agreement, hereto attached, that she will take such provisions in full satisfaction of any and all rights by which she may have in and to my property after my death, either by way of dower, year’s support or otherwise.

ITEM III. I give to my son, Howard Powell, the land which I bought from Charles Battle, containing six (6) acres, more or less, and being the lands which were conveyed unto me by deed of Charles Battle, dated October 25, 1902, and recorded in Book 65, at page 174, Wilson County Registry.

ITEM IV. I convey unto my son Dossey Powell, about nine (9) acres of land which were sold to me by Edward Moore by deed dated February 21, 1901, and recorded in Book 58, at page 12, Wilson County Registry. I have borrowed for Dossey Powell about $1,000.00 and have given a mortgage to secure it on the lands which I have herein devised unto him. He is to be charged with the payment of this $1,000.00 and the lands which I have devised unto him is to be charged with the payment of this $1,000.00, such charge to be as an advancement against the said lands, and the lands which I have given to my son Howard, are not to be responsible for this money unless the land which I have given Dossy won’t sell for enough to pay it, after exhausting his own property which is mortgaged for the $1,000.00.

ITEM V. Any debts which I may owe at my death for doctor’s bills, funeral expenses or otherwise, are to be paid from the crops which may be on hand or any other personal property on hand.

ITEM VI. Except as herein provided in the event, I shall die while there is a crop being made, I want the crops on the lands to go the persons to whom the land is given.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal in the presence of witnesses whose names are hereto subscribed as attesting witnesses, this July 26, 1916.   Dollison (X) Powell {seal}

Signed, sealed and declared by the said Dollison Powell as his last Will and Testament, in our presence, and we at his request and in his presence and in the presence of each other, have hereunto set out hands as attesting witnesses to the same, This July 26, 1916.   /s/ H.G. Connor, F.W. Connor


I, Julia Taylor, hereby agree that in the event I shall marry Dollison Powell, and shall be living at his death, that I will accept the provisions made for me in the foregoing will, in full satisfaction of any and all rights which I may have in and to his property as his widow, whether by day of dower, year’s support or otherwise, and I hereby agree that the said provisions shall be considered as a marriage contract made between us for my benefit.

In Testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal, this the 26th day of July 1916.  Julia (X) Taylor  {seal}

Witnesses: H.G. Connor, F.W. Connor


In the 1850 census of Nash County: 47 year-old turpentine laborer Stephen Powell; wife Synthia, 36; and children Gray, 9, Queen Anne, 8, Dolly, 7, Crockett, 3, and Moab, 1.

In the 1860 census of Winsteads township, Nash County: 50 year-old Stephen Powell; wife Cyntha, 45; and children Gray, 21, Dollerson, 17, Queenanah, 13, Crocket, 12, Matchum, 10, and Frances, 8.

In the 1870 census of Wilson township, Wilson County: 60 year-old farmer Stephen Powell; wife Cinthia, 53; and children Dolison, 27, and Washington, 20; plus Julia Amerson, 15; Mary Taylor, 21; Louisa Powell, 5; and Charles Powell, 1.

On 2 January 1877, Dollison Powell, 34, married Sarah Simms, 30, in Wilson County.

In the 1880 census of Wilson township, Wilson County: Stephen Powell, 80; wife Cynthia, 60; sons Dollison, 37, Washington, 26, and [grandson?] Charles T., 10,; plus boarder Wilson Hagans, 65.

On 24 February 1882, Dollison Powell, 38, married Sallie Barefoot, 34, at the home of Waity Lynch in Wilson County. Ward Lynch witnessed.

In the 1900 census of Wilson township, Wilson County: Dolison Powell, 58; wife Sallie, 50; and children Dorsey, 15, Wiley, 13, and Howard, 12.

In the 1910 census of Wilson township, Wilson County, on Saratoga Road, Dolison Powell, 68, wife Sallie, 62, and son Wiley, 24. Son Howard Powell, 21, lived nearby with wife Geneva, 24, and children Savannah Lee, 19 months, and Sallie V., 1 month.

On 26 July 1916, Dollison Powell, 74, married Julia Taylor, 64, in Wilson County. Rev. B.P. Coward performed the ceremony.

In the 1920 census of Wilson township, Wilson County, on Saratoga Road, Dolison Powell, 78, and wife Julia, 67.

Dolison Powell died 23 December 1925.



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