Steam mill fatality.

Coroner’s Enquest over the dead body of Anthony Farmer (col) June the 27th 1866

State of North Carolina, Wilson County }

Be it remembered that on the 27th day of June 1866 one of the Coroners of Said County attended by a Jury of Good and Lawful Men viz Amos J. Battle Jno. B. Daniel Will Gay P.E. Hines Calvin Barnes J.H. Freeman Albert Farmer Seborne Farmer Grey Cobb William T. Taylor C.L. Parker & J.J. Lutts by me Sumoned for that purpose according to law, after being by me duly Sworn and empanelled at the Steam Saw mill of W.T. Taylor in the County aforesaid did hold an inquest over the dead body of Anthony Farmer (Freedman) and after inquiring into the facts and circumstances of the death of the deceased from a view of the corpse and all the testimony to be procured, the jury find as follows, that is to say, that The testimony of E.G. Hall & George Farmer Freedman states that the said deceased in steping on the broad butt of the said Steam Mill whilst working, was thrown so that the butt carried his head & shoulder under the large band iron which crushed his head & shoulder killing him instantly.   /s/ A.J Battle, Calvin Barnes, W.M. Gay, P.E. Hines, J.H. Freeman, Ceborn Farmer, J.B. Daniel, Gray Cobb, W.T. Taylor, John J. Lutts, C.L. Parker, Albert Farmer. F.W. Taylor, Coroner, Pro.

Coroner’s Records, Miscellaneous Records, Wilson County Records, North Carolina State Archives.

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